Our Wisdom

We nurture your child's love of learning in our thoughtful, traditional Montessori environment. Your child will benefit from the focused attention of two expert Montessori teachers with over 35 years of combined experience. Your child's natural curiosity and intellectual skills will bloom.

Our Environment

Small children learn best by experience. Our warm, peaceful home environment is both nurturing and enriching. Because of our small group format, we will know your child as a precious, unique individual. We will tailor their learning experiences according to exactly what they need.

Our Program

With us, learning is both effortless and interesting. Through "the work of play" the skills necessary for a lifetime of success is built. Your child will learn life lessons such as grace and courtesy, self discipline, and how to maintain relationships -- as well as foundational academics.

What Our Parents Say:

Your welcoming and calm program was beneficial to our son’s first school experience. Your knowledge and experience in the Montessori method allowed for a sincere focus and depth of understanding of our child.
— Michelle C.
Our son began his school years in the care of Bridget. The experience was everything we could have ever hoped for. I will always remember the warm feeling I felt as I watched her murmur encouragement into his tiny two-year-old ear on that first day of school. As the days and weeks turned into months, it remained apparent that she was the perfect person for the job.

His time with Gertie proved to be just as successful. Her gentle guidance led him to discover new joys in the classroom as a four-year-old. Those early years of school absolutely shored up his natural, innate love of learning, preparing him to move onto the years ahead when he will need to have that deep well to draw from.
— Nicole L.
I felt so grateful for our son to be in such a nurturing and supportive early education program. I felt that his teacher truly knew and understood him — quirks and all. She was able to engage him, and draw out his strengths. Because she understood him so well, she was able to guide him to the learning experiences that he really needed. Her perspective as his teacher helped us understand our son better. He left their care ready to succeed at the next level of his education.
— Lisa B.
I cannot say enough good things about Chestnut Montessori! We specifically choose this school after having a great experience with both Gerty and Bridget before they began their own school. I can tell you that there is A LOT of questionable things happening in the world of Early Childhood Education (I am a teacher who has worked in ECE), and these ladies go above and beyond to following licensing requirements, provide a quality and loving work environment, and are like part of our family. We just had a baby a few months ago, and there is no question that she will be attending Chestnut when she turns two. My oldest has learned so much. The environment at Chestnut is a perfect balance of structure and play. Seriously, if you’re considering preschool or kindergarten for your little one in Longmont, this is where you want your kids to be.

— Sam R.